Console & Trim

  • Console


    Console is the item that transmission and brake lever are located. Console is an interior part which serves as a storage that keeps a driver’s daily necessities. Floor console, front console and rear console are some examples of console products.

  • Instrument Panel

    Instrument Panel

    The item is referred to as Instrument Panel or Dash Board. It consists of instrument panel that integrates speedometer and fuel gauge, air conditioning device and convenience devices such as radio and glove box. Instrument Panel is a core item to provide various data and driving comfort information for safe driving. Furthermore, it is also a core automotive interior component that performs a very important role in design, convenience and safety.

  • Radiator Grille


    The item is intended to improve cooling performance of a car engine, and it shows continuity of the design between hood and bumper. Tidily designed radiator grille and chrome-plated radiator grille helps to experience a classy and stylish image for a vehicle.

  • Tail Gate Garnish

    Tail Gate Garnish

    It enhances the appearance of a vehicle by embossing the mark of a car manufacturer on the rear of a vehicle.

  • Wheel Cover

    wheel cover

    The item covers the exterior of a wheel, preventing wheel corrosion. Additionally, wheel cover derives air hydraulic pressure, taking benefit of tire cooling effect. By attaching the item, it shows a stylish and luxurious image in harmony with an overall body.

  • Back Panel

     Back Panel

    It consists of the following two components: general painting product and chrome molding product. For particular vehicles, License plate is attached to Back Panel.

  • Rear Garnish

    Rear Garnish

    This band-type rear garnish is available in diverse colors and thicknesses. Its rear side creates a stylish and future-oriented feeling. In particular, the chrome molding product adds luxuriousness.

  • Roof Rack


    Reflecting the design trend of SUV, roof rack presents fashionable and practical style.